For order pick-up: Sofia, ul. Krum Popov 75, Mon-Fri 11:30-19:00, +359 897 606 919. Board games not tagged with a specific language are in English.

About us

BoardGamesBG was found in early 2011 as a small family-owned online project under the umbrella of In April 2013, the Inistrad Ltd game store opened on 75 Krum Popov Street in Sofia, Bulgaria - a place that quickly became one of the most popular FLG stores in the country. Since the begning of 2020, the online store was transferred to Boardgamesbg Ltd, UK, but we kept our close relation with the physical store in Sofia, so you can find everything we offer online in the Inistrad brick&mortar shop The Game.

As an online store we offer timely deliveries and competitive prices for on European levels of most hot new games, an extensive selection of the latest, up-to-date games and all-time bestsellers, and a good stock of the most sought-after and interesting games based on our extensive experience. You can also pre-order many of the upcoming future bestsellers and even a selection of Kickstarter games.

If you are traveling to Sofia, Bulgaria or if you live there, you can also expect to receive reasonable advice about buying a new board game, accessories and more. We have a wealth of experience as players, reviewers, and fans of the hobby, and we can also share the behind the scenes experience and opinions of many of our customers.