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Alien vs Predator - AvP Predator Elite UniCast

Prodos Games, Ltd
56.00 лв.
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Veterans of many Hunts, these yautja are a feared adversary across the galaxy, and to join their ranks is a great honor. It is from their number that the clan’s Elder is chosen when he falls. Masters of many forms of combat, Elites prefer to engage their target prey up close, seeking out the strongest creatures in the galaxy to test their prowess against. Each one is a fearsome warrior as well as a formidable hunter. In order to join the ranks of the Elite, one must kill several species of dangerous foes; River Ghosts, xenomorphs, humans, and Bad Blood yautja are among the top prizes for this list.

Shipping of this product starts 1st of March 2019. During pre-orders all packs come with a free "Female Marine" miniature.

Set includes:

3x UniCast models
3x ping tokens
3x stat cards
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