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Alien vs Predator: Predator Elders (2018)

Prodos Games, Ltd
55.00 лв.
Цена в точки: 2750 точки
BoardGamer точки: 1 точка
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The leader of a clan is that warrior who is the most experienced and has lived through countless Hunts. Risen from the ranks of the Elite, often having several xenomorph Queen kills in their tally, his job is to oversee and train Youngbloods, administer and watch over Hunts and lead the clan in off-world matters in the matriarch’s stead. A single Elder can be found in command of an entire mothership of yautja. It is he that determines the location and targets for a Hunt.

Should there be Youngbloods on board who need to prove themselves, he will watch the ritual from the command station to confirm success or failure of the participants. Such a position is highly sought, and should an elder die, only the strongest and most honored of the Elite may vie for the place of elder.

When an Elder enters battle, he will be equipped with the finest weapons from the armoury. Each one has cultivated a unique combat style over countless years, and to come face-to-face with a yautja Elder most likely means a swift death and a new skull for the Elder’s trophy wall.

Set contains:

3x 32mm scaled miniatures
3x ping tokens
3x stat cards

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