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Aristeia! Human Fate Expansion

Corvus Belli, BoardGameGeek Rating: 8.8
55.00 лв.
Price in points: 2750 points
Bonus points: 1 point
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The Human Fate (HF) expansion will increase the amount of options and interactions in your games with four new characters, each one of them with a brand new style of play and remarkable skills that will amaze all players.

Four aristos arrive to fiercely dispute the throne in the HexaDome. A rich heiress thirsty for blood, a high-performance athlete, an enigmatic competitor, and a national icon that has come to rewrite the history of Aristeia!

Dart is a natural adventurer, always seeking exciting challenges. She won’t hesitate to risk her own life just to feel another adrenaline rush. She is willing to use all the fortune of her family business, Aura Biochemicals, to become the Bahadur of this season.

Prysm has worked very hard to be where she is now. She is an innate athlete and competition is part of her DNA. Her whole life has been dedicated to improving every cell in her body based on a rigorous and tenacious training. Under the sponsorship of the mega company Ypsilon, her physical prowess will be put to the test in the HexaDome. She won’t give up, and she will fight to the end for the title of Bahadur.

Little or nothing is known about the girl behind Eclypse, the mysterious candidate of Baily Corp., who comes to relive the most glorious past of Aristeia! Her appearance has dismayed the public and has divided the media. She’s willing to kill anyone who crosses her path.

Bìxié is the national champion of Yu Jing, a great symbol and icon of a nation. All the propaganda and financial machinery of the Eastern state is at the service of the company Dágang. She aims to demonstrate her superiority to the entire Human Sphere and, above all, to their rival power, PanOceania. This mix of tradition and technology will leave the audience speechless when they see Bìxié in action.

With this new expansion, two new states are added to the game:

Marked: The Character that suffers this State can be chosen as Objective even without Line of Sight.
Hidden. No Line of Sight can be drawn to the Model affected by this State, except by Range 1-1.

One of the existing rules of the game is also updated:

Poisoned. Poisoned state tokens are removed immediately after resolving their effect by showing their blue face.

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