Cards Against Muggles - парти настолна игра

4-20+, 30 мин., 18+
119.00 лева
(с ДДС)
Цена в точки: 5950 точки
Бонус точки: 119 точки

Our Potter edition of Cards Against Humanity!

Designed for ages 18+ Adult content.

Cards Against Potter is loaded with references from the books, movies, and A Very Your Potter Musical !

Follows the same FORMAT and SIZE as Cards Against Humanity, can be an EXPANSION to Cards Against Humanity.
This is the FULL PACK containing 1356 good quality cards (987 white cards and 369 black cards), allowing for maximum replayability.
Adult Harry Potter party game perfect for horrible people; despicable and awkward game, suitable for players 4 to 20+ and play time 30 to 90 minutes. Filled with hilariously tasteless Harry Potter references, strictly for Potterheads over the age of 18, and not suitable for family gatherings. A must have for all Harry Potter fans with an evil sense of humor. Everyone needs it for every party to enjoy. We promise that if you enjoy then we enjoy. Buy it and make your party the best.


Брой играчи:
  • Party Game
Дължина на играта:
30 мин.

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