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Desolated: Duel + Expansions (Desolation за 1-2 играча, 2022) - настолна игра

1-2 играча, 30-45 мин, 12+ години, Luudos Studios, BoardGameGeek рейтинг: 5.9/10
Препоръчителна цена (SRP): 49.00 лв.
40.00 лв.
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Цена в точки: 2000 точки
BG точки: 10 точки
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Desolated, an engine builder for 1-2 players (1-6 with multiple copies). Harvest materials, optimize exploration, make trades and influence orbital councils for dominance and ultimately victory. The first player to dominate 5 councils, wins the game.

Start the game by dividing material-cards, trade-cards and council-cards facedown into individual decks; shuffle and reveal 5 of each. Then give each player 4 material-cards. This is their starting hand.

The first player is decided by drawing a material-card and revealing the card number. Highest number is the starting player.

In turn order, clockwise around the table, each player has two phases. In the first phase, draw 2 material-cards into your hand. In the second phase, either play a material card to optimize your engine, trade for influence or dominate an orbital council.

The game contains 130 cards of amazing art work and high quality cards, printed on a special 330 gr/sqm triplex paper of casino quality, assuring zero transparency. Easy to shuffle and resistant to worn-out.



Настолна игра за:
1-2 играча
Дължина на играта:
30-45 мин
Настолна игра за възраст:
12+ години
Luudos Studios
BoardGameGeek рейтинг:

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