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Dungeons & Dragons RPG 5th Edition: D&D Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen Deluxe Edition (Adventure Book + Warriors of Krynn

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Availability:              March 2023



An all-new campaign for D&D 5EShadow of the Dragon Queen is set during the beginning of the War of the Lance, but features an all-new storyline with unique characters, locales, and challenges. It may optionally played alongside the Warriors of Krynn battle game.

  • Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen adventure for characters levels 1–11
  • Introduces the Dragonlance setting to 5th edition D&D with a focus on the legendary War of the Lance
  • Experience mass battlefield play with the option to enhance 6 encounters by playing connected scenarios in the Warriors of Krynn board game that alter the course of your adventure (board game sold in the Deluxe Edition)
  • Face off against the infamous death knight Lord Soth and his army of draconians
  • Includes character options at home in the Dragonlance setting, including the kender race, feats, backgrounds, and a subclass focused on Tower of High Sorcery magic-users
  • Book comes with a poster map of the continent of Ansalon and the Kalaman theater of war

Warriors of Krynn is a tabletop strategy game designed by Rob Daviau and Stephen Baker that combines the usual gameplay you’d expect from wargames with D&D’s roleplaying elements. Told through a mix of cards, figures, counters, and books, revolves around the Commanders on both sides of the Solamnian invasion and their armies.

Board game components: 1 scenario book, 1 rulebook, 6 hero figures, 7 custom dice, 1 key moment tracker, 6 hero boards, 130 plastic markers, 9 double-sided battle tiles, 22 double-sided adventure tiles, 106 tokens, 323 cards, and 1 storage tray.

  • Get the Deluxe Dragonlance experience with an adventure book featuring foil, Deluxe Edition-exclusive cover art; a Deluxe Edition-exclusive DM screen; and epic battlefield encounters played through the connected board game
  • Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen—adventure for characters levels 1–11 set during the legendary War of the Lance
  • Dungeon Master’s screen available only in the Deluxe Edition
  • Warriors of Krynn—3–5 player cooperative board game in which heroes battle the fearsome Dragon Army, explore in search of treasure, and earn rewards for use in their next adventure
  • Immerse yourself in mass battlefield play experiences by running Shadow of the Dragon Queen encounters through 6 scenarios in the board game that alter the course of your adventure


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