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Dungeons & Dragons RPG 5th Edition: D&D Savage Frontier Map (21"x31")

Gale Force Nine, LLC
60.00 лв.
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GF9's Official Dungeons & Dragons Savage Frontier Map has a high-quality vinyl surface, ideal for tracking the progress of your adventures during the Storm King’s Thunder campaign.

The Savage Frontier lies between the Sword Coast and the desert of Anauroch, extending as far north as Icewind Dale and as far south as the city of Waterdeep. The denizens of the North are accustomed to cool, mild summers and fierce, bitter winters. Beacons of civilization hug the Sword Coast and dot the fertile river valleys, yet despite the abundant natural resources and scenic beauty, survival is a day-to-day concern for the people who live here.



Бордова игра от:


Картинката е грешна - реално в уебсайта за този продукт е картинката на Sword Coast Adventure Guide Faerun Map, тази тук покрива доста по-малък район, простира се само от Way Inn do Svardbog. Не е проблем ако идеята е да се купи за Storm King's Thunder кампания, както пише и по описание, но ако сте я взели с надеждата да имате да покажете повече от Sword Coast, (както бях аз, понеже другата не беше налична) може да се разочаровате.
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