Game of Thrones: Kings Landing 3D Puzzle

4D Cityscape Inc.
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Цена в точки: 1900 точки
Бонус точки: 38 точки
The 3D Cityscape Game of Thrones: 3D Kings Landing Puzzle lets you explore the vibrant land of Westeros. Featuring the iconic location of Kings Landing where the Red Keep and Iron Throne reside, this unique puzzle has three layers packed full of fan favorite features. The first dimension is a jigsaw map, the second is a topography map and the third has 3D models and replicas. The fourth dimension is that of time, represented by a time poster that tracks Westeros's development through time. Ideal for a Game of the Thrones lover, or a newcomer to the world this puzzle measures 30" x 12" x 8", 260 pieces and is for ages 13 and older.
4D Cityscape Inc.

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