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Gaming Paper Roll: 1 Inch Square Beige RPG Mat (30"x12")

Gaming Paper
10.00 лв.
Цена в точки: 500 точки
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Gaming Paper is the latest innovation in roleplaying and miniatures accessories and is a low-cost alternative to expensive battlemaps and tile sets. It is an inexpensive, reusable and disposable product for gamers. Roles come in 30in x 12ft.

Gaming Paper is sold in convenient rolls that are 30 inches wide and 12ft long, for 30 square feet of playing surface. Not only is it usable for miniatures games, but it is also ideal for roleplaying games. Anyone can use pens, markers, or other simple writing implements to create detailed terrain for campaigns or miniatures battles.

- Size 30in x 12ft
- Color White
- Style 1in Squares
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Gaming Paper

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