For order pick-up: Sofia, ul. Krum Popov 75, Mon-Fri 11:30-19:00, +359 897 606 919. Board games not tagged with a specific language are in English.

On this page you can buy a gift voucher for board games and other products from the BoardGames.BG store. Vouchers are a code that you will receive at the specified email address, and which can be used in our store (online and on site). You can embed the code in a card, print it or give it away in another way.

  • Gift vouchers must be used within a period of six months after their purchase;
  • You can also use e-mail to send the code, but due to the risk of the message getting stuck into the spam filters of the recipient's mailbox, we do not recommend it;
  • There is no minimum limit on the size of gift vouchers. The maximum value is BGN 1,000;
  • The voucher code is filled in the cart after adding a product in it or on the right side of the page during the order. Vouchers can be used with a balance (eg to pay a board game with a lower price) or with a surcharge (to pay extra for a product with a higher price);

    You will receive the following notifications at the specified email address: after confirming the order - "The order has been accepted"; after payment - "The order has been paid/processed"; a message with the code (still inactive); after we confirm the payment - "The order is completed" (which finally activates the voucher).
Сумата трябва да е между 10.00 лв. и 1000.00 лв.

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