KeyForge: Call of the Archons- Archon Deck

Fantasy Flight Games
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Within each of your Archon Decks in KeyForge: Call of the Archons, you will find creatures from three of the Crucible’s seven great Houses, each with a unique culture, history, and skill set that makes them exceptional. The brawlers of Brobnar are a boisterous people who love a good fight. Meanwhile, Mars fights with "traditional" ray guns and flying saucers. The angelic crusaders of Sanctum float on golden wings, protecting the weak and destroying the blasphemous. Scholars of Logos seek true understanding, often through deranged experiments. The demons of Dis are unmatched in ruthlessness as they steal their vanquished opponents’ souls. Shadows is filled with rogues and thieves, repurposing what they steal from other Houses to survive. Lastly, the creatures of Untamed reject civilization, living true to their nature in the wilds of the Crucible.
Fantasy Flight Games

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