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Marvel Champions: The Card Game - The Hood Scenario Pack (2021)

Fantasy Flight Games, BoardGameGeek рейтинг: 8.3/10
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Цена в точки: 2100 точки
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Ever since he witnessed a battle between Electro and Daredevil as a child, the life of a supervillain was enticing to Parker Robbins. Later, while stealing money to pay for his mother’s medical care, a chance encounter with a demon left Robbins with a pair of boots that let him walk on air and an equally-mystical red cloak. Now, as the Hood, Robbins and his budding criminal empire are swiftly becoming a formidable threat to the people of New York City.

This 78-card scenario pack introduces a new scenario to Marvel Champions showcasing the Hood and his notorious organization of supervillains. Also included are a whopping nine modular encounter sets that can be mixed in with any scenario—including the Hood’s—to add more customization options to your Marvel Champions experience. Are you prepared to take down a dangerous criminal empire?



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