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Mercenaries: Miranda Ashcroft Authorized Bounty Hunter (Combi Rifle)

Corvus Belli
17.00 лв.
Цена в точки: 850 точки
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The path from the society section of top newscasts to the headlines of tabloids is a well-trodden one. It is almost a matter of course that the young heiress to a wealthy name will be seen holding an elegant soirée one night, and a mugshot sign the next. These girls have it all; dissolute behavior is their prerogative, so the odd DUI or possession charge (of high-end Silk derivatives, and nothing cheaper) barely raises eyebrows anymore. Except for Miranda Ashcroft, that is. She went well beyond the call of duty.

Miranda always had a thing for bad boys. The more her family disapproved of them, the better. So, in her young mind, eloping with her bodyguard to Bakunin, where the age of consent was a mere 15 years, was the next logical step. Despite cries of “Ashcroft Scandal”, media professionals were hardly shocked by the affair.

But even we seasoned veterans of the yellow press were left agape when the madcap teenager seduced the bounty hunter her family had sent to track her and her salacious bodyguard down. Watching that stranger beat her lover up, Miranda decided to trade her old bad boy for a new, “badder” boy. The poor bounty hunter thought he had struck gold, but he sealed his fate when he decided to impress Miranda by teaching her a few tricks of the trade. Miss Ashcroft already knew her way around a gun–hunting being a popular pastime amongst the highborn–and she soon developed a taste for the thrill of shooting armed men instead of perplexed deer or wood pigeons. So her platinum credit chip burned a trail across tactical gear boutiques and special training academies in VaudeVille and Shentang. With an unlimited supply of charm, cheek, and money, she quickly helped herself to her now ex-boyfriend’s contact network and set up shop as a freelance agent.

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