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MTG - Explorers of Ixalan (2017)

Wizards of the Coast
SRP: 99.00 лева
95.00 лева
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Бонус точки: 95 точки
Explorers of Ixalan offers a quick-to-play, standalone Magic: The Gathering, experience that combines board-game elements with the excitement of multiplayer Magic. Games take about thirty to forty-five minutes and can support two to four players. Fans of Commander and Planechase will especially love Explorers of Ixalan.
Players battle over a board of hexagonal tiles they may claim by paying the amount of mana shown on the back face. Each tile then reveals either an event for an immediate effect, a quest for a reward on completion, or a site that grants a continious effect but can be stolen by other players. The more tiles revealed, the closer the players get to revealing the Golden City of Orazc

• 4 60-card decks
• 20 double-sided tokens
• 50 game tiles
• 40 counter pieces
• 4 deck boxes
Wizards of the Coast

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