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MTG: Jumpstart Booster (1)

Wizards of the Coast
10.00 лв.
Price in points: 500 points
Bonus points: 3 points
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Each Jumpstart booster contains 20 cards. The 20 cards together form a theme and many different variations are possible within each theme. So much so that there are no fewer than 121 different variations per theme per booster! The themes range from one of Cats and Unicorns to Pirates and Phyrexians. Jumpstart is loaded with no less than 500 different reprints and introduces 37 new cards.

Lands are included in the boosters so you don't need anything else to start playing. The lands are also equipped with new art, specially developed for Jumpstart.

A Booster Box contains 24 Jumpstart boosters. Each Jumpstart booster contains 20 Magic: the Gathering cards including basic land and at least one rare or mythic rare. One in three boosters contains an extra rare.



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