Munchkin Zombies: Guest Artist Edition - настолна игра

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In a reversal of roles, all players in Munchkin Zombies start out as zombies, and the "monsters" are the normal people trying to stop the zombie invasion (such as the Action Hero, Soccer Mom, Fireman, etc.). Unlike most Munchkin games, there are no classes or races; instead, you can have a mojo: Atomic Zombie, Plague Zombie, and Voodoo Zombie. As with Munchkin Bites! and Super Munchkin, Munchkin Zombies includes powers – special abilities that you can play as you gain levels.

It's a new take on the sickest, silliest Munchkin of 'em all! Attack the monster humans (and a few rogue zombies), protect yourself with whatever armor you can scrounge up during your lurching search for brains, and level up - or die! Again. This Guest Artist Edition of Munchkin Zombies features Greg Hyland's distinct, over-the-top zombies kicking down doors and eating braaaains!

Part of the Munchkin series.
Брой играчи:
  • Dice Rolling
  • Hand Management / Drafting
  • Variable Player Powers
  • Свободна игра
Дължина на играта:
60-90 мин
Steve Jackson Games
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