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Nothing Personal Revised Edition: Family Business Expansion (2019) - разширение за настолна игра

Game Salute, BoardGameGeek рейтинг: 7/10
SRP: 52.00 лв.
42.00 лв.
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Цена в точки: 2100 точки
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Gangsters, Influence, and Casinos from the original expansions all in one box - retooled for the new Revised Edition of the core game! The Family Business Expansion includes the gangster, influence, and casino cards from the original expansions (Young Turks, Associates, and Power & Influence). These cards have been updated to better fit the Revised Edition, but are still backwards compatible with the original edition.

Requires the Nothing Personal base game to play.
Nothing Personal has become a favorite among gamers since its original release in 2013, and this new revised edition captures all of the backstabbing fun of the original game while introducing new features so every gamer can experience a life of crime.

150 gangster cards
50 influence cards
2 casino cards

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Game Salute
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