Panoceania Starter Pack: Varuna Immediate Reaction Division

Corvus Belli
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Price in points: 3300 points
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This Starter Pack is the best choice to start collecting, providing the core units of any army list: One Kamau with Combi Rifle, one Kamau with MULTI Sniper Rifle, one Kamau with Heavy Rocket Launcher, one ORC with Feuerbach, one Croc Man Hacker and one Zulu Cobra with Spitfire.

This is the perfect Starter Pack to start playing with PanOceania, within the Varuna Sectorial Army. This Starter Pack contains six amazing figures providing the troop profiles needed to create a complete Infinity Army List.


  • 1x Kamau with Heavy Rocket Launcher
  • 1x Kamau with MULTI Sniper
  • 1x ORC with Feuerbach
  • 1x Croc Man Hacker
  • 1x Zulu Cobra Spitfire
  • 1x Kamau with Combi Rifle

Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

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