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Polyhedral 7-Die Set: Q-Workshop Dice Macabre

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Price in points: 1600 points
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Essentially, this artifact is a set of dice made from skulls, lots of teeny-tiny skulls fused together to form a polyhedral. 
And it is done manually, or as the Living say: handmade. Much detail, much care, much time. Can you imagine how much work it takes to assemble so many skulls into such crafty dice?
No? Well, a lot, yess...

Notice, fellow Necromancer, that the dice themselves are made from beige resin, and then painted with brown wash paint,
hence the skulls details
 are so terrific and slightly varies in each set. The digits, needed to challenge the fate-being, remain beige. 

Each dice set includes: 1 x D4, 1 x D6, 1 x D8, 1 x D10, 1 x D100, 1 x D12 & 1 x D20.



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