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Наличност:              С доставка 7-10 работни дни


Once a repository of artefacts from the war-torn history of the Imperium, the Relicos Militarum now stands in ruins. The centuries of bombardment have reduced its once-proud lines of imposing statues to rubble - and yet it remains jealously guarded, as the Relicos still contains treasures from ancient times alongside functioning weaponry from laslocks to plasma carronades. Deep within, it is even said there are examples of pre-Imperial weaponry that - heretical though this may be - could potentially be coaxed back into life…

An awesome, huge scenery kit, the Relicos Militarum can be put together in a huge number of configurations. Includes a full set of unique rules, and a scenario for use in games of Warhammer 40,000.

Изпълняваме поръчки за този продукт веднъж седмично, нормалното време за доставка е 7-10 работни дни, допускат се изключения при независещи от нас обстоятелства.

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