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Orders of D&D minis, brushes, paints, dice, boxes, sleeves

  • Due to the great number and the variety of some of these products, we are no longer selling them in the physical store w/o an online order. You can only browse D&D miniatures, brushes, paints, dice, boxes and sleeves in the online store and order them online with a choice of delivery or store pick-up.
  • Pick-up orders for these products are processed in up to 2 business days. The status of your order must change to "Ready for pick-up" in your order before you can pick it up in the physical store. Orders for delivery are processed in up to 3 business days in addition to the shipping option processing time. 

Icons of the Realms

- 5%
154.00 лв. 146.00 лв.
- 3%
185.00 лв. 179.00 лв.
Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Miniatures: Icons of the Realms - Demon Lord - Orcus, Demon Lord of Undeath Premium Figure in Icons of the Realms - 7%
145.00 лв. 135.00 лв.