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Shadows: Amsterdam (2018) - настолна игра

2-8 играча, 20-30 мин, 10+години, Libellud, BoardGameGeek рейтинг: 6.7/10
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39.00 лв.
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Цена в точки: 1950 точки
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Amsterdam, present day: A crime has been committed. Over the last few days, the police investigation has languished. Your detective agency has been called in to speed up the investigation, but your main rivals are also on the case.

In Shadows each detective team drives around the city to find three clues then bring them back to their sponsor before the other teams do. In each team, an informer sends visual tips to discreetly direct its detectives as quickly as possible.

Shadows is a fast deduction game with short rules and simple gameplay that will evoke the stress of real-time competition. Important! To complete the investigation, you must stay out of the police's way...

Настолна игра за:
2-8 играча
Механики на играта:
  • Deduction Game
  • Modular Board
  • Point to Point Movement
  • Variable Player Powers
Дължина на играта:
20-30 мин
Настолна игра за възраст:
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