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All board games w/o a specific languange version mentioned in the title are in English.
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Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions
BoardGames.BG Shop sells standard English editions of the games offered, except if noted otherwise in the product title.


Payment Terms of Delivery
You can find detailed payment and delivery terms at the " Payment & Delivery ".

The price reductions you may see in the online store, except for the "Discounts" category products, reflect the difference between the publisher's recommended prices and our sales prices and no are an expression of promotional reductions. Total reductions during promotions are reflected in the promotion description and are reflected in the price in advance (except in the case of code promotions, etc.), showing the difference between the sale price and the promotional price, and appear in a separate category "Promotions ".


Information on exercising the right of withdrawal (claim) for distance orders

According to the LPP, you have the right to cancel a remote purchase (online order) and return the purchased products within 14 days. If you would like to return a product, contact us via the contact form to clarify the easiest method for you for his return. You can download the online purchase cancellation form here. 

Unless specified we expressly sell original English versions of the games, the nature of which requires a knowledge of English. For understandable reasons, we do not provide detailed game directions other than those included in the games.

You can return ordered online products within 14 days to the store address and refund your order using the payment method used (or by bank transfer in the case of postal payment) the following conditions:
• This condition applies only to online orders delivered by courier. We do not offer return of goods purchased and received on the spot;
• In case of claims for full refund, the goods must be in undisturbed packaging, including protective wrap; (see § 1г. from Bulgarian CPL and Recital 47, DIRECTIVE 2011/83/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT)
• For unused but unwrapped goods we will refund after viewing up to 50% of their value on the basis of Art. 55 (4) of the LPP; The outer packaging is an integral part of the products we offer and is the sole guarantor for the protection of the components;
• Claims for the return of already used products will not be respected for hygienic reasons on the grounds of Art. 57 (5) of the LPP;
• We do not accept claims for disposable products and packages with random content that could be a reason for refusal after printing;
• Return of goods is at the expense of the user , by means of transportation convenient for him and this consent shall be considered a notification under Art. 55 (2) of the LPP;
• Return must be made within 14 days of the decision to cancel the contract for which we have been notified;
• We will only refund the delivery if you have selected the cheapest available method of delivery "economical delivery by postal service" (Article 54 (4) of the Law on Public Procurement);
• In any case, please contact us via email format before returning products to clarify the details of their return. We do not accept cash and other items without knowing their nature.


Product Return Address:

  • Inistrad Ltd, +359897606919, Sofia 1421, 75 Krum Popov Str., Bulgaria (BoardGamesBG partner)