Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium Expansion (2017)

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Юни 2017
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Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium, the first expansion for Terraforming Mars, consists of a double-sided game board presenting two new areas of Mars:

Elysium takes players almost to the opposite side of Mars' equator, with vast lowlands for oceans in the north and a dry, mineral-rich south. Place a tile on Olympus Mons, the highest peak in the solar system, to gain three free cards!

Hellas, the southern wild, includes Mars' south pole and the enormous seven-hex Hellas crater that just begs to become a giant lake. Building around the pole gives you new placement bonuses in the form of heat and possibly even water.

Each of these maps consists of new sets of milestones and awards with relevance for that particular map. Place three tiles around the south pole to be a Polar Explorer, for example, or race to have the most estates beside water on Elysium!


  • Card Drafting
  • Hand Management / Drafting
  • Tile placement
  • Variable Player Powers
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Ревюта и мнения

This is my favorite game of 2016, which I have played at least a dozen times in the last few months. There are enough different cards and potential card combinations to keep this game engaging after so many different plays. It is highly thematic, and it is very satisfying to build up your engine of cards, becoming more productive and efficient each round. One warning-this is a long game. Especially if you play with the drafting variant (which is a nice variant of the game, but I prefer playing without it, because it feels more thematic to have to deal with whatever adverse situations you are presented with), this game is easily 2 to 3 hours, even when everyone in the group knows the rules. But, that is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you know that going in. Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this game!
Много добра игра, в която се състезавате кой най-много ще помогне със задачата да направите Марс обитаем. Всички играчи помагат с това като увеличават кислорода, увеличаването на температурата и създаването на океани. След като се достигне нужното ниво се проверява коя компания е помогнала най-много. Тази механика прави играта по-дълга с по-малко играчи (ако не като време, то поне като ходове).
Задължително препоръчвам да се играе с Drafting варианта още от първата игра. Без това играта твърде много зависи от късмет. Има достатъчно карти, че ще ви трябват няколко игри преди да видите всички. А играта идва и с "expansion", който добавя нови карти, така че преиграваемостта на играта е голяма.
Една от най-добрите игри на 2016 г. Дори да не си падате по тежки и продължителни игри (тази е около 2-3 часа), тематиката е толкова интересна и механизмите - толкова елегантни, че няма да усетите как е минало времето.
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