The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls - Requiem Expansion (2023) - разширение за настолна игра

Studio71, BoardGameGeek рейтинг: 9/10
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Return to Mom's basement in this vast expansion to The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls! Expand your experience with a brand new Solitaire mode or Co-Op Mode. With more than 250 new cards, replay is almost endless.

The roster of characters is now greater than ever with the addition of Tainted characters. They'll be exploring the brand-new optional Room Deck for advanced play, which offers global modifiers for players, either cursing or blessing them with powerful effects as they fight to survive. It's not all doom and gloom though, charmed enemies turn foes into friends as players race to be the first to acquire Four Souls.

The Game includes:
- 61 Room Cards for Advanced Play
- 54 Loot Cards
- 50 Treasure Cards
- 54 Monster Cards
- 5 Bonus Souls for Advanced Play
- 22 Character Cards and 22 Starting Items



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