The Order of Vampire Hunters All-in Bundle & Kickstarter Exclusives (2018) - настолна игра и разширения

1-4 играча, 90 мин, 13+ години, Dark Gate Games, BoardGameGeek рейтинг: 7.7/10
775.00 лв.
Цена в точки: 38750 точки
BG точки: 194 точки
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The Bundle Contains:

  • Vampire Hunters Core Box
  • The Night is Darker Expansion
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Daniel Stoica
  • Kickstarter Stretch Goals + Exclusives
  • Slayer Freebies Kickstarter Exclusives
  • From Blood to Dust Expansion
  • Castle Dracula Expansion
  • Vibora and the Jararaca Expansion
  • The Varacolaci KS Exclusive Expansion
  • Gugadeth and the Elder Guardian KS Exclusive Expansion
    Tori Zaibatsu Expansion
  • Brith Expansion
  • Nyx KS Exclusive Expansion
  • Crawlers Expansion
  • Extra Game Tiles Expansion
  • Lord Kurivan Expansion

Quiet for so long, the Night is rising again, spreading its tendrils of evil through the empty and unwatched backwaters of the world. Once again, Vampires are spreading from den to den, adding locals to the body count … or to their ranks. Can the Order regain its former strength and push back the tide of evil?

The Order of Vampire Hunters is a fully co-operative miniature-based board game for 1-4 players. It brings the dark imagery of Vampire lore from the classic stories in movies and books to your table top, as you take on the role of a newly recruited Vampire Hunter. Thrown into the Vampire den with a small band of comrades, you use stakes, crossbows and holy water to destroy the creatures of the Night. Craft makeshift weapons on the fly for more destructive power. Tear down window coverings to burn the Vampires with rays of Sunlight. Drag screaming Vampires outside the den with the Extractor. Team up and make combination attacks on your enemies. Always stay focused on your mission to power your special abilities.

But watch the clock: at sundown, you become the prey!

Optional game modes add to the replayability. Play standalone games or follow the full campaign, upgrading your weapons, equipment and special skills as you advance in the Order. Play semi-coop to rate your skills, giving bragging rights to the best Hunter. You can even play on as a Vampire, if your Hunter gets turned. Make The Order of Vampire Hunters the experience you want it to be!



Настолна игра за:
1-4 играча
Механики на играта:
  • Action Point Allowance System
  • Area Movement
  • Cooperative
  • Dice Rolling
  • Modular Board
Дължина на играта:
90 мин
Настолна игра за възраст:
13+ години
BoardGameGeek рейтинг:

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