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The World's Greatest Screen - Horizontal/Landscape Silver DM/GM Screen

Hammerdog Games
SRP: 59.90 лв.
58.00 лв.
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Бонус точки: 58 точки
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It’s a fully customizable game screen! It’s perfect for RPGs or any game where you have to track a lot of information. Put maps, charts, and secret stuff on your side. Put stuff for players on the other side.

You can put anything you want in the pockets.
You can fold it up and use it any way you like.
You can write all over it with wet erase markers.
Magnetic Game Aids work through the pockets.
You can download inserts for it free from our site.
What more do you need?
4 sturdy panels/8 pockets
Fits 8 1/2? x 11? or A4 paper printed tall.
Can stand tall, lay flat, or be folded into an easel.
Use it with your favorite game aids.
Write on it with wet erase markers.
Add your own inserts or print these ones.Add your own inserts or print these ones.Add your own inserts or print these ones.
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Hammerdog Games

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