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Ultimate Werewolf Revised Edition (2014)

5-30 players, Under 30 мин, Ages 13+, Bezier Games, Inc., BoardGameGeek Rating: 6.6
32.00 лв.
Price in points: 1600 points
Bonus points: 8 points
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Ultimate Werewolf is an interactive game of deduction for two teams: Villagers and Werewolves. The Villagers don't know who the Werewolves are, and the Werewolves are trying to remain undiscovered while they slowly eliminate the Villagers one at a time. A Moderator (who isn't on a team) runs the game.

Ultimate Werewolf takes place over a series of game days and nights. Each day, the players discuss who among them is a Werewolf, and vote out a player. Each night, the Werewolves choose a player to eliminate, while the Seer learns if one player is a Werewolf or not. The game is over when either all the Villagers or all the Werewolves are eliminated.

Ultimate Werewolf, a new edition of the award-winning, best-selling werewolf title from Bézier Games, has been reimagined to allow new players to quickly get up and running, with a larger box, totally rewritten and simplified rules, and a guide for the included roles. With all-new art and a great new card design, it's the perfect way to introduce groups of 5-30 people to Werewolf.



Board game for:
5-30 players
Дължина на играта:
Under 30 мин
For ages:
Ages 13+
Бордова игра от:
BoardGameGeek Rating:


Тази игра е уникална, играла съм я и скоро ще отида да си я закупя. Много време я търсих по много книжарници и съм много радостна, че намерих къде се продава.
Принципно не е трудно да го откриете в нета:

Mason x2
Village Idiot
Villager x12
Wolf Cub
Werewolf x8
Всички карти ли са тук? Или само върколак, сиър и селянин?
Всички карти ли са тук, или само върколак, селянин и сиър?
Има ли вещица, врачка, ликантроп и т.н.?
Грандиозен успех пожъна тази игра на плажа. Бяхме две компании и за един следобед, благодарение на нея, си станахме близки, като да се познаваме от години. :) Горещо препоръчвам, особено за големи компании (над 10 души)
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