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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower - кооперативна настолна игра

SRP: 240.00 лв.
200.00 лв.
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Цена в точки: 10000 точки

Наличност:              С доставка 7-10 работни дни

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Класиката се завръща, вече и с миниатюри, които да ползвате в Age of Sigmar (правила за тях има тук) - и обратно, герои, които може да вземете оттам (приложения за iOS и Android)!.

The game is set in the Age of Sigmar world. Heroes must battle through the ever-changing Silver Tower of Tzeentch. Uses a modular board with random layout. The Chaos opponents are followers as well as daemons of Tzeentch.

The game includes a multi-mission campaign in the box, with expansion add-ons to be published in subsequent issues of White Dwarf.

Heroes sighted:

  • Stormcast Eternal
  • Human Barbarian
  • Priest of Sigmar
  • Dwarf Warrior

The long-awaited return of the classic dungeon-crawl!

Throughout the mortal realms the legends of the Silver Tower are recounted with awe and admiration. Tales of disparate champions good and evil, brought together by naught more than fate, battling against sanity-shredding horrors in the ever-shifting domain of the Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch. Tales of bravery, heroism, treachery and betrayal. Tales of teamwork, success, and glory-hunting failure.

Some who tackle the Silver Tower seek a boon from the Gaunt Summoner, others wish to learn his true name, that they might destroy him. All must face foul, writhing monsters, bizarre, labyrinthine corridors bristling with traps and strange, maddening riddles before they even gain the chance to stand before his fell sorcery. The greatest champions, those who grow in strength over time as they solve the Silver Tower's secrets, even they may fall at this hurdle - yet the riches, power and freedom they could gain drive them ever forward. But for every tale that ends in glory, another falls short, bringing only madness and despair...

Брой играчи:
  • Dice Rolling
  • Exploration
  • Variable Player Powers
  • Модуларна карта
Дължина на играта:
60-120 мин
Games Workshop
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