Warlord Games: Jungle Battlefield Theme Set

Warlord Games
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Some of the most vicious fighting in WWII took place within the sweltering jungles of the Pacific and Far East. Allied and Japanese troops alike suffered the inhospitable conditions and terrain as they took on their foes in a desperate struggle to survive...

This great battlefield theming set allows you to recreate those terrible battlefields and add extra atmosphere to your games. The contents of this set are also ideal for basing your models and dioramas – for WWII and other periods of history.

The Jungle Battlefield Theming Set contains enough material to cover approximately a 2' x 2' board:

Jungle Forest Floor scatter
2mm Spring Basing Static Grass
4mm Summer Basing Static Grass
4mm Wild Meadow Basing Static Grass
Summer Dark Green Lichen
Spring Light Green Lichen
Autumn Brown Lichen
Brown Hogs Hair
Green Jute
Mountain Tunnel Entrance
Foxhole with opening entrance
Punji Pit
2 stacks of coconuts
2 palm tree stumps
3 palm trees
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