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White Dwarf July 2018

Games Workshop
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The Soul Wars have begun in earnest – in this month’s White Dwarf we have a deep, dark look at the Nighthaunt, sinister servants of Nagash determined to end all life. The Citadel design team excitedly told us about their inspirations, and we present them to you in these pages! Also included within the packed issue are a starter’s guide to the Adeptus Mechanicus, new rules for Warhammer Quest, some splendid painting masterclasses and more:

• Planet Warhammer: new battletomes and miniatures for the Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunt, new game boards for Shadespire, Dark Elves for Blood Bowl, plus Forge World, Black Library and more;
• Temporal Distort: how did we end up here? It’s September 2013 all over again!
• Getting Started With… Adeptus Mechanicus: our handy guide to which parts of your feeble (metaphorical) flesh to give up first in the service of the Omnissiah;
• Designers’ Notes: the spirits and gheists of the Nighthaunt are evil souls doomed to spend eternity spreading the wickedness they possessed in life. The Citadel design team tell us more;
• ’Eavy Metal Masterclass: war isn’t tidy, however smart your paint job. ’Eavy Metal’s Max Faleij shows us how the team add battle damage;
• Battle Report - A Gauntlet Thrown Down: Warhammer TV’s famous Duncan ‘Two Thin Coats’ Rhodes takes on Warhammer World’s famous James ‘One Big Hammer’ Karch;
• The Golden Demon Winners’ Challenge: the last group of entries, and we announce our winner as chosen by our Golden Demon judges.
• Illuminations: those of you with us last month will have seen the opening of the Illuminations Hall of Fame – here’s our second entrant;
• Mustering For War: Paul Norton shows us his economical approach to painting stunning armies. The short version: pick your targets;
• Archaon’s Legion: Rik Turner has been a Slave to Darkness for years – and in that time he has painted an absolutely huge Chaos horde. Here he shows it off in all its dark glory and tells us more;
• A Tale of Four Warlords: this tale of war has been long in the telling, but now we approach its bloody end. Who will triumph as the four warlords take to the field of battle to tell their final tale?;
• Blanchitsu: 3 more hand-picked warbands from Tor Megiddo;
• New Rules for Warhammer Quest: with a load of new Nighthaunt and Stormcast Eternals models on the way, how could we not give you rules for some new heroes and adversaries?;
• Parade Ground: add some of the creeping darkness to your Stormcast Eternals…
• Paint Splatter: we show you how to paint in ethereal. No, really.
• Readers’ models: a selection of models painted by you, our readers;
• In the Bunker: what have the Dwarfers been up to this month?




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