About us

BoardGames.BG is one of the most popular Bulgarian FLGS. We are dedicated to lightning-fast delivery of the hottest board games in the country, but we also offer sale services across Europe. Of course the the store also offers a great selection of well known and popular titles, accessories and much more. In our brick&mortar store in Sofia (ul. Krum Popov 75) wе have friendly, knowledgeable staff that can help you choose a game that suits your taste and needs.


BoardGames.BG started as a small family project under the hood of hardwareBG.com back in 2011. There wern't any other modern online stores in Bulgaria, and we loved playing board games, so fo us it was a logical step to start with our online shop. In 2013 we establihsed our own company and our store opened for the first time, and we are developing it with love and care ever since.



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