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BoardGamer points

BoardGames.BG's Board Games Store offers a comprehensive loyalty support program. It is intended to give you the opportunity to receive a discount for every subsequent order of products from the store. Below you will find the list of requirements and answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the bonus points reward system. For customer level information, please visit the Loaylty levels page.

The system is applicable only to online orders (also if you choose a store pick-up option for delivery). The basic idea of ​​the bonus system is to reward customers that place orders in advance.


Loyalty Program Requirements:

  1. To be a private registered user of the store or to register before placing an order in the online store;
  2. Not having failed or cancelled orders and not caused any financial loss to the store.
  3. Enter the points available in your account the next time you order on the page of your shopping cart or during checkout to get the discount (you can also save your points for later).
  4. Your profile should not have any cancelled orders.

Where do I use the BoardGamer bonus points?

  • Previously earned BoardGamer points can be entered on the cart page or during checkout;
  • You must have one or more products added to your cart;
  • It is not possible to enter more points than the product costs;
  • It is not possible to enter more points than you have in your account.
  • If you zero the payment amount, you must choose the top available payment method (it's a limitation of our e-commerce system, doesn't matter).

How much BoardGamer Points do I get?

  • On order, you will receive from 1 to 175% of the products value oin the orderas points depending on your loyalty level;
  • The number of bonus points you receive when ordering depends on your customer level, which increases with the accumulation of completed orders;
  • Individual products and/or categories may carry a non-standard number of points or a flat percentage not related to your account level. For example, products in the Pre-order, Sale and D&D miniatures categories, and Kickstarter versions of the games, have a flat percentage with absolute amount of points shown on the product page;
  • Each bonus point is worth 0.02 BGN if used for a discount on the next order in the online store.


  • The loyalty system is not available to companies.
  • BoardGamer points are rewarded after order completition!
  • Bonus points cannot be applied to the value of the shipping;
  • Discounts are only valid for the value of the products ordered;
  • The bonus point system may not work during specific promotions.
  • We reserve all rights to change or cancel the bonus point reward system at any time, disregarding any potential losses, and without any prior notice.