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At our store on 75 Krum Popov Street in Sofia you will find all the games shown as available in the online store!

BoardGames.BG sells standard English-language international editions. The nature of the games implies a relatively good command of English and terminology without which it is impossible to use them!

You can contact us using:
  • Contact form : here ;
  • Phones : Imports and general questions: +359 (0) 897 606 919 (1pm to 8pm)
  • Store Address : Bulgaria, Sofia, Lozenets Quarter, 75 Krum Popov Street
  • Open hours: Mon-Sun 13:00-20:00 h
  • All board games marked "Yes" in the availability box are available at our store at 75 Krum Popov Street, Sofia, and can be purchased on-site or delivered.
  • All discounts from the online store are also valid on the spot in our store!
  • We deliver in short terms and games that you do not find in our catalog, as long as there is circulation available. If you are looking for a board game and do not find it in the store, write to us via the contact form.
  • You can find product and claim returns terms on the Terms, Promotions, and Returns page
  • Shop address - 75 Krum Popov Str., Sofia, tel. 0897606919.
  • Representation: Inistrad EOOD, BG202448100 Sofia, 1 N. Danchenko Str., BG20244800, tel .: +359897606919, sales <at> 

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